Urban Agriculture Australia is a dynamic and resourceful collaboration between community based urban food farming groups, environmental groups and local businesses in the Canberra bio-region.

Urban Agriculture Australia is an initiative of Canberra City Farm and a collaboration of local organisations and businesses – find out more about the collaborators.

Our mission is to inform and educate our community about urban agriculture’s potential and how we can have a sustainable lifestyle, so that the community has control of the most essential items of daily life – secure and healthy food and shelter.

The reason urban agriculture is so important, is that more and more of our society are living in urban areas that have reduced access to adequate and nutritious food.

We want people to be better insulated against market changes such as:
  • Increasing food, energy and transport prices
  • Decreasing quality in fresh food that is available
We also want people to enjoy the benefits of:
  • Increased health outcomes by choosing organic food
  • Decreasing the carbon footprint of our city through energy efficiency
  • Bringing our community together to make positive change
And we want to enable people to:
  • Have fun and success growing healthy food at home
  • Engage with local food producers and processors
  • Support and grow a thriving Local Food Economy

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