Urban Agriculture Australia is a collaboration between the following organisations

Logo-ANUANU SLC Organic Garden is a community organic garden that is open to students, staff and the general public. Our garden is located on campus, right next to the lake. Our garden has stone fruit trees, 6 veggie beds, chooks, a wood fired pizza oven and an edible natives bed. We aim to demonstrate different gardening methods and give people the skills and experience they need to grow their own food. We are a collaborative community and encourage volunteers to bring their own skills and knowledge to the garden. The garden holds working bees twice a week plus regular workshops and special events:

Logo-BeeKeepersBeekeepers Association of the ACT is open to everyone with an interest in beekeeping living in and around Canberra. Members attend monthly meetings to discuss beekeeping practices, participate in practical sessions and listen to guest speakers:   

CCF-160x166Canberra City Farm is a not-for-profit group establishing learning hubs where the community can creatively share knowledge and experience of socially, economically and environmentally responsible food production and sustainable cities:

CECCanberra Environment Centre (CEC) works directly with the community to ensure the best environmental outcomes for the ACT through targeted education, information and practical application. The CEC recognises that a healthy and vibrant community is much more able to take care of itself and its environment than a fragmented one. Their projects support the community to nourish itself and the environment together, and to sustain themselves into the future:

CITCIT Solutions  offers its clients and learners the best elements of two worlds, combining the dependability of a government-owned institution with the flexibility and nous of a sleek corporate training entity:

canberra-organic-growers2Canberra Organic Growers (COGS) is a non-profit organisation which was started in 1977 with the aim of providing a forum for organic growers to exchange information and encourage the general public to adopt organic growing methods. COGS operates 12 community gardens in the ACT region, at Charnwood, Cook, Cotter, Dickson, Erindale, Holder, Kaleen, Kambah, Mitchell, Oaks Estate, O’Connor and Crace. Each garden has its own character and all use organic methods – no manufactured fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides. The community gardens are a great way for people to get their hands dirty, to grow their own fruit and vegetables for home consumption and to exchange tips and extra produce with fellow gardeners. The COGS community gardens are supported by the ACT Government who administer licenses to operate on unused government land, and issued grants for garden establishment under the Healthy Cities program:

Logo-fldFresh Landscape Design is an innovative landscape architecture practice based in Bungendore NSW and providing design and planning services to the Canberra area and regional NSW. They have received state and national awards for their work in sustainable landscape design, which has also been recognised at an international level. Whether it's beautiful design, site planning, working with a community to redesign a street, brainstorming ideas for a family garden or strategic thinking about a growing food in cities, they would like to work with you in a genuinely friendly way to find creative, sustainable answers:

Logo-FusionFusion Canberra is part of the national and international fellowship of Fusion International, a Christian youth and community development organisation born in Hornsby, Sydney in 1960, and now in 15 other countries. Fusion International’s vision is to bring young people and their communities together with hope. Fusion Canberra’s vision is to create a Canberra and world where nobody gets left behind:

Logo-GlobalWorming-lGlobal Worming operates large-scale worm farms on several sites in and around the Australian Capital Territory. They specialise in food waste management and currently collect organic waste from over 30 clients including schools, government departments, clubs and private enterprises:

healthy-soilsHealthy Soils Australia (HSA) is a public not for profit company with a national outlook, and an inclusive focus to build a network of awareness about healthy soil.  HSA supports a wide range of proven approaches to build healthy, carbon-rich soil. Besides the production benefits (greatly reduced input costs to soil with no loss in productivity) and landscape benefits (better water holding capacity of healthy soil), the carbon sequestration from the air to the soil which can be achieved by biological management may soon be credited and paid for to balance the National Greenhouse Accounts. Food produced on healthy soil is nutrient-balanced, thus contributing to the health of the population:

my-farm-shopMy Farm Shop. Healthy, ethical, local and sustainable meat. For your health and wellbeing it’s vital that your food contains the nutrients in the right combinations and proportions of key vitamins, proteins, fats and micronutrients. Only animals raised in healthy landscapes, free to forage systems with a diverse, free choice diet and stress-free lifestyle produce meat that is healthy for humans to eat:

permablitzPermablitz ACT helps members turn their unused suburban backyards into edible oases filled with vegetables, fruit trees and berries, as well as native vegetation and habitat. It’s great way for people to build friendships and community while learning to grow their own food using simple permaculture principles. All are welcome, from beginners through to trained permaculture, horticulture and gardening enthusiasts:

pXlogo520wPermaculture eXchange is a not-for-profit educational organisation serving Canberra and the surrounding districts. Our passion is helping people establish sustainable agricultural systems (on many different scales) based on permaculture principles. A great forum to connect with other like-minded people through educational courses ranging from Introduction to Permaculture, Permaculture Design and on-farm practical specialist courses. The group bases it's activities around working farms in the Canberra region, schools and communitry groups. The aim is to help others transition to a closer relationship with the land and the basis of food production and sustainability:

see-changeSEE-Change (Society, Environment and Economy) is a community,
not-for-profit group focused on local grass roots action in Canberra. They inspire, inform and support action to reduce Canberra's ecological footprint, improve the resilience of the ecosystem and enhance the wellbeing of all individuals. Their activities are practical in nature and developed by local SEE-Change groups to best meet the needs and interests of their local communities:

slow-foodSlow Food Canberra (Canberra Capital & Country Convivium 4Cs), the local convivium of the world wide Slow Food movement, celebrates and promotes good, clean and fair food. That is, food that tastes good, is produced in a way that fully respects the environment, human health and animal welfare, and that provides producers with a fair wage. Slow Food Canberra fight passive consumerism and food waste and support localism and food diversity. They are a not-for-profit group, which offers a range of activities such as visits to local producers with long table lunches and taste education. They regularly run Slow Soup Kitchens at the farmers markets where soup is available on a 'pay what you think it's worth and what you can afford basis' and raise funds to support projects such as the Thousand Gardens of Africa. Slow Food Canberra offer a monthly events update and a seasonal newsletter for members:

soils-for-lifeSoils for Life Program is a Registered Environmental Organisation with the principal purpose of enhancing the natural environment through the provision of information and education on innovative leading performance in managing the natural environment, with a particular focus on the Australian rural landscape:

Logo-Southern Harvest-lSouthern Harvest is a community and business lead not-for-profit incorporated regional food organisation at the forefront of promoting local food production and consumption in the ACT and Southern NSW. They provide marketing and retail opportunities for their members and deliver world class permaculture education and a range of food growing and back yard self-sufficiency classes to meet consumer demand:

dirty-beanstalkThe Dirty Beanstalk aims to engage the community in gardening activities by promoting practical learning opportunities. Their weekly newsletter lets people know how they can learn by doing (and for free), by getting their hands dirty at working bees around Canberra and connecting with other gardeners at the same time. The Dirty Beanstalk also run educational excursions to backyard, community and school gardens and sell vegetable seeds at the Food Coop to raise funds for projects:

the_food_co-opThe Food Co-op  is a not-for-profit food co-op that knows good food. We carry local, fresh, organic, sustainable, natural, Fair Trade, ethical, bulk and affordable products. Members own the Co-op, share the benefits of it and have the opportunity to work in it. The Co-op is managed with consensus-based decision making and all members are invited to participate:


Urban Agriculture Australia is supported by the following organisations: