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CCF-logoCanberra City Farm is establishing learning hubs where the community can creatively share knowledge and experience of socially, economically and environmentally responsible food production and sustainable living.

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Canberra City Farm established the first City Farm in Canberra on a site in Turner and has now established an Education Centre in Dairy Road Fyshwick.

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Complete Home Renovations Perth

Complete Home Renovations Perth: The Ultimate Guide

Complete Home Renovation in Perth.

Veejay’s is one of Perth’s leading home renovation companies, offering high-quality, beautifully crafted kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovations.

Whether you are after a sleek and modern kitchen design or a luxurious bathroom renovation in Perth, complete with state of the art contemporary fittings, we can turn your dreams into reality.

Award-winning showroom

Our showroom in Perth is one of the largest home renovation product showcases in Australia, with full-sized bathrooms and kitchens renovations, complete with luxury fittings, on display for you to enjoy. We also have a room dedicated to colour selection, with large samples allowing you to easily mix and match and find exactly what you are looking for to suit both your home and your style.

How to choose your home renovation company

Veejay’s offers a complete range of expert home renovation services, including kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovations. We do this from the ground up, and you can get a customised design that fits the type of home you want to renovate.

By using our suite of services, you can make the difference between a one-off renovation and a long term home improvement job that will stand the test of time. In our kitchen renovation program, for example, we will ensure you get a finished product that you will love for years to come. We can provide advice and planning for kitchens that are more suited to a very modern design, while our bathroom renovations program can be very customised to your personal style.

What to expect from your home renovation

Do you need a modern, open kitchen or an elegant and sophisticated bathroom? Do you need your house to sparkle, with luxurious fittings and high quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures, so that you can spend more time in your home?

Veejay’s is a full-service provider of home renovation and design services and we can help you find exactly what you are looking for in the remodel market.

From a ‘simple’ bathroom renovation to an extensive kitchen or laundry remodel in Perth, there are many options available to ensure your home is the best it can be.

At Veejay’s, we will discuss each of your remodelling options and give you a chance to think about what you want, ensuring you are able to make an informed decision and provide you with a smooth and stress-free project.

Complete Home Renovations Perth

Handy concierge

We pride ourselves on making your time at the showroom as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Upon your arrival, our friendly concierge will guide you to your chosen room, offer you some tea or coffee, take your measurements and take a look around.

We then proceed to show you our full range of products and services, including design ideas, cabinet makers and cabinetmakers that will craft your dream kitchen, bath and laundry room.

Sign up for free quotes

We provide a range of options to suit all budgets and taste. So, whether you’re a novice renovator or a seasoned professional looking to refresh your home, we’ll provide you with excellent value-for-money quotes to help you make an informed decision.

Benefits of completing a home renovation

Home renovation in Perth can be a great way to maximise your living space. Renovating your home is an investment. Home renovation in Perth will add value to your home, helping you to build equity and increase the amount you can sell for at the time of sale. Renovating your home can also give you the opportunity to save and invest your extra cash, helping you to retire early.

Renting out your home

Sometimes, renovating your home can be a great option for retirees, students and families with kids looking to do some major home improvement. You may decide to go for a spacious master bedroom or extra space in the home so the kids can have their own rooms.

Redefining the way you live in your own home

To change the way you live, you must change the way you access your home. We aim to provide our customers with beautiful, functional, and efficient renovations to help you enjoy your home more.

Equipped with state-of-the-art appliances

We pride ourselves on our selection of top-notch appliance brands. They range from high-quality in-brand kitchen appliances, through to high-end luxury brands. Our kitchen suites range from gorgeous Italian Aglaia branded cabinetry, to luxury American Kitchen faucets and Smeg under-counter appliances.

Featuring a complete range of fabulous bathroom products, including Travertine bathroom tiles, period-style bathtubs, and modern, stylish taps.

A new beginning for your family

The perfect family bathroom design is easy to live with, but has the wow factor as well. An instant upgrade, Veejay’s gorgeous home renovation service transform your bathroom into a home for your entire family.

Designed to accommodate the needs of a growing family, there’s the wonderful choice of contemporary and vintage-style baths and showers, of styles such as the French Traditional, Ascot, Mahogany and Benjamin Moore.

The ultimate luxury bathroom

If you are looking to restore your bathroom to its former glory, then a new bathroom vanity, vanity top and basin combined with a deep spa bath and shower will take your bathroom to the next level. It’s the perfect space for relaxation after a busy day.

Save money with complete home renovations Perth, Australia

Domain Group has just announced its latest Index of Housing Confidence (IHCL), which provides an index of housing market confidence. It is based on five key factors:

– New home building;

– Lender approval times;

– Rental price growth;

– Rental vacancy rate; and

– Average time required to sell a home.

This Index of Housing Confidence is an early indication of how a property market will be performing in the next three months, and was based on responses to over 39,000 members of the Domain Group across the country.

Following a decline in July, the Index of Housing Confidence in September showed improvement, with strong gains in new housing builds, particularly apartment building approvals.

Cut down on time spent cleaning and maintaining the house

Cut down on time spent cleaning and maintaining the house Clean the counters and appliances using high-quality cleaning products from the very first time. A professionally trained and experienced staff of dishwashers and cleaners ensure that your appliances are freshly clean before your guests arrive.

lack of storage space

lack of storage space Even with modern design and high-quality materials and appliances, every bathroom and kitchen needs space for storage, and more importantly, plenty of it.

lack of lighting and heating

lack of lighting and heating Installing low-voltage lighting to save electricity and increase the temperature of the house is a great way to bring natural lighting and a more comfortable environment to your home.

Make your house look brand new

Comprehensive kitchen

We offer a comprehensive range of high quality kitchen renovations, from new fridge, oven and stove to clean and functional tile, island bench, backsplash and splashback – just for starters. Each kitchen comes with a standard 5-year guarantee and our team of expert kitchen designers will help you choose the perfect design, then construct the perfect dream kitchen.

Upgrade your bathroom

As the largest bathroom manufacturer in Australia, we stock a wide range of high quality bathroom fixtures – from fully fitted units and cladding, to tiles and accessories – allowing you to completely transform your bathroom and make it your own.

Increase property value

Amenities for each renovation

We have a wide range of awnings, vinyl flooring, insulation, bathroom light fitting, paint and fibre cement fences to suit any renovation. All of our products have been carefully selected for quality and to complement your house or property.

Outdoor dining room extension

Designed for ease of use, our extending table, built-in benches and spacious storage makes for the ideal dining area for large groups. Light and bright, our outdoor tables are perfect for both indoor and outdoor dining.

If you are after a flexible modular bathroom, we have a whole range of fantastic shower heads that feature a rain-drop effect, giving you the option to change your shower and bath perfectly for the purpose you require.


Whether you’re thinking about transforming your home for a special occasion or just starting on your own makeover, our complete home renovations Perth offers you a variety of options. Check out our website today to get started on your own dream renovation!

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Phone: 1300 365 657 or email at

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