Floriade 2014: 13 September – 12 October

Building upon the success of the Urban Agriculture Australia display at Floriade in 2013, Urban Agriculture Australia delivered an exploratory pathway display again at Floriade in 2014.

The 2014 display inspired ’passion’ in urban blocks and backyards around Australia, and beyond.

The key intentions of the Urban Agriculture Australia exploratory pathway demonstration display at Floriade in 2014 was to:

  • support Canberrans and visitors to have fun and success growing healthy food at home
  • introduce and engage Canberrans and visitors with local food producers and processors
  • demonstrate to Canberrans and visitors how they can support and grow a thriving Local Food Economy

Urban Agriculture Australia also delivered a range of talks and workshops, which when combined with the exploratory pathway, provided visitors with the opportunity to find practical solutions for urban agriculture in their own backyard.

Information was also provided on how people can go beyond their backyard and into their own community, to engage with their local food community and learn more!

This project was a collaboration and joint venture partnership between community groups, businesses and farmers in and around the Canberra region. It was also highly supported by a range of other organisations and well-known individuals.

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