Within this section you will find key information about urban agriculture.

Topic areas have been divided as follows:

1. Urban Agriculture
2. Design Systems
3. Gardening
4. Energy, Water & Soil
5. Animal Systems
6. Cooking and Preserving

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Filling wicking worm garden bedWhy urban agriculture is important?

Industrial farming is a recent phenomenon. For the preceding 10,000 years, it was urban agriculture that supplied our food needs. Modern urban agriculture applies sustainable practices from the past in new and innovative ways to restore the natural nutrient cycles that underpin all life.  It offers safe and practical ways to once again harness local land and biosystems to secure our food and distribute it equitably.
Under this model, the inputs to production are limitless and can feed us indefinitely: organic waste, degraded soils, water, carbon dioxide, sunshine, seeds, time and intelligence.

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